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“If it were a film, it would be as exciting as The Bourne Identity”

-New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Hougan

“This tragic story of international intrigue, of abuse of the political and judicial systems of two great nations did not take place in some far-away foreign land, but right here in our own back yard.”

-Former Member of Parliament & Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Canadian Politician Walter Davidson

“John Meier has been persecuted by agents of the American government and threatened by criminal elements in the U.S. and is The Man Who Knew Too Much About Too Many Bad People.”

-Former U.S. Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator Mike Gravel

During the Watergate hearings, one man wanted to tell a spellbound nation secrets about the Nixon White House, the CIA and Howard Hughes. He could have told them why the burglary happened, but that was not what the Committee wanted to hear. To keep him from telling his secrets, he was persecuted, jailed and forced into exile in Canada. His name is John Meier; his employer was Howard Hughes; Age of Secrets is his story… including for the first time an excerpt from John Meier’s diary on the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. John Meier is the first person to reveal everything from the Hughes Organization, and Robert Maheu’s, involvement with the assassination, to Thane Cesar ’s connection to Jack Hooper.



Age of Secrets is a biography on former U.S. Senate Candidate and the #2 man in the Hughes organization, John Meier, who was intimately involved with Howard Hughes, Watergate, Nixon and the CIA during times of several major historical events. The book was written by newspaper reporter Gerald Bellett.

As an investigative reporter, Bellett had written stories on Meier for over 20 years, and after gaining Meier’s trust, spent several hundred hours interviewing him for this biography. Meier also gave Bellett access to his personal materials, including his diaries, documents, and photographs.

Apart from Howard Hughes, Meier was friends and acquainted with many powerful people, many of which are mentioned in Age of Secrets, including Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey, Richard Nixon and his brother Donald Nixon, Robert F. Kennedy, Los Angeles Mayor Samuel William Yorty, Moe Dalitz, the King of Tonga Taufa’ahau Tupou IV, Hank Greenspun, President Joaquin Balaguer of the Dominican Republic, Prime Minister of Canada Pierrre Trudeau, and F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Age of Secrets reveals the reasons behind Watergate and exposes the hidden death of Howard Hughes. Among other things it reveals:

  • an enormous payoff made to the White House by Howard Hughes
  • how this bribe was at the very heart of Watergate and how knowledge of it was used by Meier and other conspirators to maneuver Nixon into his greatest folly, the Watergate break-in
  • how the supposedly venerable Senate Watergate Committee committed its own cover-up and deliberately suppressed evidence disclosing the true nature of Watergate and the CIA’s role in it

  • how Meier for his part in Nixon’s downfall, was pursued for 20 years by a wrathful CIA, the powerful Hughes organization and Nixon sympathizers still embedded in government
  • how Meier was courted by Canadian and British intelligence agencies and how he derailed the CIA’s plans for seizing control of Britain’s North Sea oil fields
  • where Hughes’ body was kept while his organization and the CIA used his companies and name for their own purposes
  • how Meier was wrongfully charged with a number of offences including murder and the world-wide pursuit of him by the CIA
Watergate Committee with John Meier
Watergate Committee with John Meier

Perhaps the only photo ever taken of the Watergate Committee investigators shows John Meier swapping a joke with Terry Lenzner, Scott Armstrong, Robert Muse and Martin Lackritz

Meiergate movie poster
Magic Box movie poster

Film / TV Productions based on the life story of John Meier

John Meier, in the Afterword for Age of Secrets, sums up the book by saying “My story is one of a man devastated by a corrupt system. Our governments are increasingly disrespectful of basic human rights such that we can no longer legitimately call our nations democracies. I hope that this story will contribute to changing this course.”

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